About - Vive Active - Reformer Pilates

Our Mission

We are 100 years of exercise physiology,
transformed into a complete sensory experience.

We have united the nation’s most engaging and highly-skilled trainers, committed to helping you find your greatness. We are synchronised in movement with a shared ambition: to transcend our here and now, to better our best.

What is
reformer pilates?

Reformer pilates involves using your self-weight in addition to the spring resistance of a reformer to deliver a dynamic full body workout. The range of motion granted by the machine serves to promote strength and flexibility by using tension and control to work on your core muscle groups in addition to those that would normally be ignored in more traditional workouts. The reformer itself and its springs are totally adjustable to suit different body sizes and skill levels.

With a myriad of different moves and exercises that could be executed, reformer pilates is able to achieve both focussed and full body workouts. You will build and tone muscles, increase stability through your joints, core stabilisation and so much more!

If you’re new to reformer pilates or just daunted by the workout itself, fret not, our instructors will give you extra attention in your first classes, to ensure you feel comfortable on the machine and well on your way to your best you.

Our Studio

Driven to build more than a workout, Vive Active wanted a studio that transformed reformer pilates into an experience. A flux of light and sound, a Vive Active session will challenge both your body and your senses.

Our Founders

Vive Active was born through a shared vision to create an unprecedented workout experience and shift the standard for group fitness. Each of our founders brings a wealth of experience to the table, and their combined expertise is set to revolutionize the face of fitness.

Say Hello

John Keats

John Keats CEO

Business entrepreneur, John Keats, has been a leader in the Australian vehicle sales market for over two decades. Starting from the creation of Prestige Auto Traders, he later carried his wealth of experience to Stratton Finance as the Director of CarConnect,which has recently been partly acquired by vehicular juggernaut carsales.com for over $60 million.

John lives and breathes fitness, with boxing, paddling, Pilates, and competitive horse riding. Vive Active presents a unique opportunity for John to apply his business acumen to the fitness industry, with the aim of creating a movement that will revolutionise our current understanding of a fitness experience.

Louise Keats

Louise Keats Nutrition Director

A prominent food and nutrition writer, Louise is our Vive Active Nutrition Director. She creates healthy, nourishing recipes and provides advice to help Vivers maintain optimal health outside the studio. Louise is a graduate of the prestigious cooking school, Le Cordon Bleu, and has nutrition qualifications from Deakin University, one of the world’s leading universities in the field of nutrition and dietetics.

Louise has published five recipe books and writes two monthly nutrition columns for Taste Magazine. Her culinary influence has helped move Taste.com.au to Australia’s top food media outlet and now helps to nourish Vive Active clients.

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