Get out of your comfort zone, lay down your intention and take yourself physically and mentally to the next level. Our three annual challenges are designed to make sure you never hit a results plateau.

This is the time you need to be feeling top of your game.

Join our squad of Winter Challengers – each of us wearing our challenge t-shirts with a massive grin – and be part of something real. Commit to 15 classes in 30 days so you can face Spring with your game face on.

When we’re done, we celebrate at our Winter awards night. You’re truly part of the #vivefam now.

2nd August 2021


Studio vs studio. You’ll have a dedicated trainer to help you hit your goals and a team of fellow Vivers going the distance with you. Wear your team colours and your RISE UP t-shirt with epic pride – taking this on is no small thing.

Once we’re done, we celebrate. A dedicated awards night, with a luxe gift bag for every finisher. Plus a little something extra for the winning team. Let’s get you to that next level, physically and mentally, and set you up for your best year yet.

1st NOVEMBER, 2021



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