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“Physical fitness is the first requisite of happiness.”

Such were the words of Joseph Pilates, the forefather of the Pilates movement. His guiding mission? To develop movement patterns that not only increased strength, flexibility and endurance, but had practical application in daily life.

Over 100 years later, Vive Active has taken these time-honoured techniques and revolutionized their application. We have created a total body, high-performance, 50-minute workout, and a complete sensory experience through light and sound. In other words, we’re amping up the good vibes. It’s Pilates, reimagined.

Vive Intro (20 mins)

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If you’re completely new to Vive Active, or perhaps it’s been a while, Vive Intro is the primer you need. Our trainers will take you through the reformer and all things Vive, so you can go into your next class feeling confident. (This is a free instructional class, rather than a workout, so make sure you book the Vive class following so you can put your new knowledge to practice.)

Vive Essential (50 mins)

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Our signature all-in-one 50-minute class, Vive Essential combines strength, endurance and stretch in a total-body workout for every level and age. Get ready to meet your ultimate you. (If you’re brand new to Vive, you might like to try one Vive Intro class or a Vive Lite class first. For more experienced Vivers, be prepared to be pushed to your limits.)

Vive Stretch (50 mins)

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Flexibility and control are at the core of Vive Stretch. Drawing from both pilates and yoga, our deep stretch poses will improve your mobility and flexibility out of sight. The bonus is that they also build strength, help prevent injury, reduce stress and give your body that extra bit of love it deserves. For every level and age, you’ll finish each class walking taller and feeling stronger and calmer. Promise.

vive combo (40+10 mins)

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The perfect class for those squeezing a workout into their lunch hour. For every level and age, Vive Combo is our signature workout, condensed to 40 minutes, plus – for those who have time to stick around – a further 10 minute block to round out the session.

VIVE JUMP (50 mins)

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Our ESSENTIAL class with maximum calorie burning! Using the versatility of the reformer machine and adding an extra piece of equipment to your workout – the Jumpboard – you get to pretend you’re an astronaut having a jump on the moon, while those excess squishy bits on your bod start to dissolve away (Don’t worry – The Jumpboard is low impact and can be tailored for all levels, from total newbies to elite athletes).

By incorporating in a whole suite of calorie-burning elements, VIVE JUMP will give you the pilates workout you already love, plus those extra heartrate-elevating moves designed to shred and tone your body. Bonus benefit? It’s great for improving bone density too.

VIVE FOCUS (50 mins)

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Perfect for beginners and those new to Vive who would like to focus on form and technique to building strength, mobility and toning. Vive Focus is also ideal for Vive regulars looking to advance their workout and discover a deeper burn. Vive focus is slow and controlled, with more focus on technique and movement.
If you start to find the class a breeze, make sure you progress to Vive Essential.

Vive Circuit

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Time to dig deep Vivers because our VIVE CIRCUIT class is here! A fusion of our signature pilates workout with HIIT circuit training will see you experience the full effects of our total-body workout while further elevating your metabolism and maximising weight loss.

Let our state-of-the-art lighting motivate you through this 50-minute session with multiple stations. Work every muscle group in this insanely fun, high-energy class – with just the right amount of challenge, so you feel worked, but you’ll still want to come back for more. In this workout, we’ll focus on your strength, cardio and agility, so every box is ticked!

Vive TeenS

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Why should the adults have all the fun? VIVE TEENS is a chance for 13-18 year olds to experience our full sensory pilates workout that the rest of our Vivers have fallen in love with in a safe environment and under the watchful eyes of our Rockstar instructors. If you participate in other sports, prepare to discover your competitive edge.

Whether you know everything about Pilates or you’ve never been to a single class before, we’ve got you sorted. Our accredited instructor will show you the ropes – and add some challenges when you’re – to give you the ultimate total-body workout. Get ready to be stronger and more flexible, with some new-found core strength too.

Vive Natal

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Being pregnant and a new Mum shouldn’t stop you from doing what you love! VIVE NATAL, designed for Mums-to-be and post-natal Mums, makes sure you keep your body in its best condition both during your pregnancy and after-birth recovery, while making adjustments to keep you safe and protected.

With a focus on deep-core activation, the class will fire the pelvic floor muscles to protect you from abdominal separation, incontinence and prolapse, all while ensuring you’re building strength and returning to your pre-baby weight. Come to VIVE NATAL as a regular and we’ll get you back to our VIVE ESSENTIAL classes in no time!

Vive Private

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Whether you are a newbie who wants to build up some confidence, a Vive veteran wanting to work on your technique or just someone who wants the Vive Active experience all to yourself, our new VIVE PRIVATE classes will be perfect for you!
These sessions can be requested to focus on specific muscle groups at your preferred intensity.

Come and workout at Vive at a time that suits you with a one-on-one private class, or a small group of your friends. We can even take up to 20 of you – perhaps you’re a Mum’s group, or an entire corporate office – we can work in with whatever your request might be!


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