FAQ - Vive Stream

Everything you need to know about Vive Stream.
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Do you only offer Live classes or on-demand classes too?
We give you the best of both worlds! We’ve got an entire on-demand library consisting of 500+ workouts, but we also offer live classes every now and then to shake things up. All live classes are also uploaded into our on-demand library so you can go back and view them anywhere, anytime.

What type of online classes do you offer?
Vive Stream offers an epic range of both mat and reformer pilates workouts. Our classes start with our 20-30min ‘blast’ workouts, making it easy to squeeze a quick sweat sesh into your busy schedule! These workouts focus on a particular body part which is perfect if you want to burn a particular muscle group. But if you’re looking for the full Vive experience, we also offer our full length 40-50min classes. And don’t sweat it if it’s your first ever pilates experience (mat or reformer), we’ve got you sorted! We have 3 intensity levels – low, medium and high intensity to cater for all levels of fitness and strength.

How often are new classes added to the on-demand library?
Trust us, you will never be bored! We upload new workouts daily, Monday to Friday with no two workouts ever being the same. Head to the App to see the latest Daily Drop schedule! In addition to this, any live classes that we stream will always be saved to the library.

Where can I find the Live Class timetable?
You can find the live class timetable via the timetable section in our App (make sure you have Vive Stream selected as your location), or via our website by selecting ‘Book Live Stream Classes’ under the Vive Stream tab in the top menu.

How do I book into a Live Class?
In order to book into a live class you will need an active Vive Stream membership. Once you’ve got this part sorted, it’s easy! You just need to head to the timetable in the app or on the website, find the session/s you want to book, and book in. Once you’re booked in you’ll see your booked classes on the app under the ‘My Bookings’ tab. Your next booked class will also appear on the homepage of the app.

Can the trainer see me in a Live Class?
No don’t worry, the trainer cannot see you during a live class. But they are right there with you doing the workout every step of the way to motivate you, challenge you, and to push you to your limits! Remember, every rep counts (even if we can’t see you)!

How do I access the LIVE class once it has started?
The option to ‘Join Live’ will appear 5 minutes prior to the start of the class (this will only show if you have booked into the class, so make sure you have done this first).

There are two ways you will see this option, depending on which device you are streaming the live workout from. If you are using your phone and streaming via the app, the ‘Join Live’ option will appear on the homepage of the app next to your booked live class. Sometimes you may need to refresh the app in order to see this button.

If you’re viewing the live workout via the website on a tablet or laptop/computer, head to the ‘Book & Access Live Stream Classes’ page under the Vive Stream tab in the top menu. Once you’ve located the class that is about to start, the ‘join live’ button will appear next to the class on the timable 5 minutes prior to the class starting. Just like the app, you may need to refresh the page for it to appear.

And remember – you will only see the ‘Join Live’ option if you have booked into the Live class (treat it as if it were a studio class, you can only access/attend if you have booked).

What if I miss the LIVE workout?
All our live classes are immediately uploaded into the on demand library which can be viewed anywhere anytime. They can be found under the ‘lockdown lives’ category.

What props should I purchase to use with my Vive Stream workouts?
The props we use during a Vive Stream class may include the following:

  • Dumbbells
  • Sliders
  • Pilates ball
  • Reformer box
  • Pilates ring
  • 1kg ball
  • Booty/Resistance bands

Bala equipment (which can be purchased via the Bala website)

Where can I buy home equipment/props from?
The props we offer in our workouts can be purchased from any sporting/gym equipment distributor. Watch this space as we have our very own online Vive Shop coming soon where you can stock up on all the equipment you need for our Vive Stream classes.