gym membership vs vive membership

As any of you who’ve taken a Vive class would know, we pride ourselves on being different.

For a start, our reformer pilates workout is unlike any pilates workout you will find anywhere else in the world. From the incredible light show, to the mirrored ceilings, to the tunes, to our high-performance rock star trainers, to your completely new body … let’s just say we’re not exercise as you’ve ever known it before.

But that’s not the only way we’re different.

We also pride ourselves on challenging the traditional gym membership model. How?

First, our memberships are short. With a 13-week term (that’s just 3 months), you’re not going to be locked in to something you later regret. We run on positivity, so we honestly don’t want you to have a Vive membership if it’s not something you really want. Our passion is a two-way street – it’s something we both need to be feeling.

Second, we know your lives are hectic, so are ours. That’s why we’re all about the freeze. If you need to freeze your membership, just go for it. You can freeze for a whole two weeks every term. That’s eight weeks of freezing a year. (Bet your gym doesn’t let you do that). And if you need more time, please talk to us. So, take that holiday, finish that work project, or certainly don’t worry if you’re not well – we’ve got your back.

Thirdly, if memberships just aren’t you thing, we have options. Buy a one-off class, or a 12 or 16 pack that you can use all month or even an annual pack. There are loads more choices still. So if your life is truly frenetic, you can still be a Viver. We just want you to be happy. Because we can’t be unless you are.

Ultimately we trade in good vibes. It’s our reason for getting up each morning. We know our workouts make your life better and give you the best high of your week. But we also need a membership that matches our mindset – and that’s exactly what we’ve created.

Our door is always open, if you’re unsure about which one is right for you (we offer 1 class, 2 classes or 3 classes per week options, as well as top up classes) come chat!