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Our Philosophy

At Vive we believe in working hard and playing harder. We believe in getting the most out of every minute we’re given on this planet. That’s why we’ve created a workout that’s as addictive as it is effective. That transforms your body and blows your mind. Because life’s short and we want it all.

On all devices

On all devices

VIVE STREAM works on any device. Sign up and VIVE from your home space. All fitness levels welcome, get ready to fall in love.
The Magic

The Magic

Combining the sweet science of reformer pilates with the best principles of strength training, we’ve designed the ultimate results-driven workout.
Mix it up

Mix it up

Total body conditioning is our jam. Whether you’re after more strength, better flexibility or a sweaty HIIT session, we’ve got a class for you.

The Workout

50 minutes of epic fun for results you never thought possible.
Zero experience required.

Live reformer and mat classes now streaming online!

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Experience our Studios

State-of-the-art lighting, mirrored ceilings, award-winning design and epic beats pumping through our premium sound system, this is where the magic happens.


Get out of your comfort zone, lay down your intention and level up physically and mentally. Join a team and dig deep.



Our trainers

We’ve hand-picked the nation’s most engaging trainers, each chosen for bringing 100% energy and passion to every workout. Come meet them.


Who Are We?

Founded by entrepreneur, John Keats, and nutrition expert, Louise Keats, Vive comprises a management team of eight wellness and tech gurus committed to deliver a world-leading fitness experience. We live and breathe what we do and will never settle for second best.


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