New to Vive - Vive Active - Reformer Pilates

New to Vive

Interested in experiencing one of our sessions? Awesome!
Here are some tips for your first visit:

arrive 5 minutes early

Giving yourself a few extra minutes before your first Vive Active class will allow you to acclimatise to the studio and familiarise yourself with our facilities. Our trainers will be around to welcome and guide you through a few things in the lead up to class.

book an introduction class

Our FREE 20-minute Vive Intro classes are not compulsory, but if you’re new to reformer pilates, they will give you the opportunity to meet your trainer, and ask any questions you may have about our workouts. You’ll also learn to operate your reformer, and adjust your pace and form to get the most out of each session. Make sure you book the Vive Essential class directly following, as the Vive Intro class is a free instructional class, not a workout.

what to wear

We suggest you wear something comfortable that won’t restrict your range of motion. A shirt or singlet, with shorts or form-fitting bottoms (such as yoga pants or leggings). Workouts are completed barefoot, or in Pilates socks.

what we supply

Our studio is equipped with complimentary towels, wet wipes, and water. You will also have access to a locker space to store your belongings and shoes during the workout.

our facilities

Squeezing in a session pre-work or play? Our studios are fitted with change facilities and a hair bar.

Ready to sign up for your first session?