second trainer in peak Vive classes!

second trainer in peak Vive classes!

BIG NEWS VIVERS: starting this month, during peak times, we’ll be adding a second trainer to every Vive class!

How does this benefit you? Well, not only will you have the same head Master Trainer that you’re accustomed to taking the class, but there will also be a new Shadow Trainer in peak classes who is there to offer any additional support you might need.

Whether it’s helping to correct your form, changing your springs to make your workout harder or easier, making an adjustment to assist you with working around a pre-existing injury or fielding any questions you might have, our Shadow Trainers are here as your new best friends.

You might even see them on the reformer next to you, demonstrating how to do a particular pose, or a beginner option or an advanced option of a pose. And if ever you feel you aren’t getting a tough enough workout (or it’s too tough!) just let them know and they can easily adjust your springs or form so you get the absolute most from your Vive experience.

So don’t hesitate to call on them for any question big or small, or to simply have a helping hand – that’s what they’re there for.

Our wonderful team of Shadow Trainers is Agiline, Ange and Leonie. They’ve got a wealth of knowledge and experience – you’re going to love them!