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Sarah Michael

Nickname: Rah-rah / Sarr-bear

Sarah has a creative personality; always making the most of everything she does. She is driven and passionate about Pilates always having her clients best interest at heart, helping people achieve the smallest goals is her priority.

She studied graphic design but found her passion with Pilates after being a client. She followed her dream and is now teaching and leading the team. Her classes are fun and energetic and her music will make you feel alive!


Sarah Michael

My passions

Music, interesting people, travel, hidden waterfalls, Pilates, strength, family, my dogs, and Kinder Bueno!

What drives me

Finding happiness in the smallest things.

Greatness means

How you make others feel – and my dogs!

Favourite quote

“Ideas alone won’t create a life you love; putting them into action will!”

Favourite sound

Spotify – Urban Flavour.

Long live



  1. Nelly Ride Wit Me
  2. Ciara Goodies
  3. Shaggy Boombastic
  4. Terrorsquad Lean Back
  5. Ty Dolla $ings Or Nah
  1. Charles Eddie Would I Lie To You
  2. Billy Joel The River Of Dreams
  3. Bob Marley No Woman No Cry
  4. Mariah Carey Fantasy
  5. Pitbull Messin’ Around

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