This month we chat with 2018 Australian Ironman Champion and Vive regular, Kendrick Louis.

Why did you choose Vive Active as part of your training regime?

I was juggling full time work and also being a professional athlete and as you can imagine I was extremely time poor and left feeling a little unmotivated to get to the gym. Once I did my first class, I was hooked.  The most beneficial work out I had done and I left feeling absolutely worked, yet amazing. I haven’t been to the gym since…

Had you done reformer Pilates before coming to Vive Active? 

I had heard a lot about Pilates before but a lot of stuff I had read was primarily targeted to women. I then stumbled upon an article from the U.S about Lebron James (basketball’s king) – he swore by Reformer Pilates. That was enough for me to venture out and try my first class.  I had been to some other studios before coming to Vive, but what you guys offer in comparison is second to none.  Super clean, gnarly workout and just an all-round great culture. To me that’s hard to come by and what Vive has nailed.

Congratulations on winning the Australian Ironman Championships this year! You’ve been doing Vive classes for over 6 months now. Do you feel that it has contributed in any way to your success in the surf?

Thank you!  That’s correct, I have tried to be rather discreet about it as I have noticed huge gains and didn’t want my competition knowing, haha.

I normally try and get to 2-3 classes per week to ensure I give my body a full workout.  I feel awesome, no more lower back pain and my core stability has improved out of site.  I recommend this to all the men looking for a challenge and especially those looking to make a few finer gains. 

  • Are we going to keep seeing you at Vive?

100 % – Why change a winning recipe… 🙂