Q&A with Catherine Heilemann

Q&A with Catherine Heilemann

This month our Co-Founder, Guy Leech, interviews Director, Business Executive and devoted Viver, Catherine Heilemann. 

1. What got you interested in Pilates?

For some time my Doctor and Osteopath had been suggesting I take up Pilates to help with my back, shoulder and knee issues. They said it would help my core, strength and to balance me out. And I’d heard it’s great for building total-body strength.

2. What is your fitness background?

My fitness background has been fits and starts. Having played school sport I had a hiatus from exercise for many years. Then in my late 30s I took up Netball again. For a non-contact sport, Netball turned out be a contact sport for me, and I came off the worse with a few broken bones. So I retired and took up Paddling Kayaks with the Legendary Guy Leech (see, I had to add in a how-much-I-admire-you moment!). That was 10 years ago and I’m still out on the water frequently. More recently I decided to do something about the advice I was being given by the medical professionals and have taken up Pilates. I have to say I am a disciple now.

3. How long have you been coming to Vive and what changes have you noticed?

I began Pilates earlier this year and stopped as I wasn’t as keen on the studio I was going to. Now that I’m going to Vive I feel as though I’ve found my ‘place’. There is just such a great vibe at the studio.

I noticed immediately that one side of my body is stronger than the other and the other side is more flexible. I guess that’s due to having experienced a number of injuries, and I think they have compounded on one another. I’m noticing that Pilates is definitely helping me to balance out and strengthen all over. And who would have thought I had so many unknown muscles!

4. What type of session do you like the most? Vive Essential, Lite, Cardio or Stretch?

So many to choose from. I love the Vive Essential class with Yvette on a Saturday morning. The stretch class I found has really tested my tighter side but I feel amazing afterwards. I’m yet to tackle the Cardio… soon!

5. Are the classes what you expected? 

The classes are a mixture of what I expected … and harder. No two classes are the same and I’m experiencing new exercises every time I turn up – awesome! Plus, Guy is a great coach, and has a real knack for bringing people together and making them feel a part of a community – all at the same time as having fun and living a healthier and stronger life.