Q&A with Ky Hurst

Q&A with Ky Hurst

This month our Co-Founder, Guy Leech, interviews fellow ironman, Ky Hurst. Ky is an Olympian, a member of the Surf Lifesaving Hall of Fame and winner of four Australian Ironman Titles. An all-round incredible athlete, he has also sailed with Oracle Team USA in the America’s Cup.


1. Ironman champion to Olympic swimmer and this year America’s Cup – you have been busy! What motivated you to try so many different sports?

I would say it’s a combination of many things. Firstly, I love a challenge and the ability to set myself new goals to focus on both short and long term. Secondly, fitness is my life. To be able to stay active is a huge driver for me. It will always be part of my life and I want to keep up with my kids as they grow and try and portray a healthy lifestyle.

2. You would have done many forms of fitness training over the years what attracted you to Vive Pilates?

I have known a few athletes over the year that have used Pilates to stay in tune with their body and I thought this was the perfect opportunity with Guy offering classes with a variety of levels that you can train to, with some good beats and incredible instructors.

3. How are you keeping fit now the America’s Cup is done?

Every single morning I try and get at least 45 mins of exercise to start my day. Twice a week in the afternoons I make my way to Vive for Pilates.

4. Do you miss the competition?

Every second of every day.

5. Would Pilates have helped you during your professional sporting career?

Yes, I’m sure it would have. It’s a great way to get an understanding of what muscles need refining. Pilates is an ultimate full body workout.