Our hugely fun Vive summer Bingo is now over and we’re stoked to announce the ten winners of the $100 gift bags.

Plus, the one lucky Viver who was drawn to win a place in the next RISE UP Challenge coming up soon on 11 February – congrats Blythe Rowe!

Dozens of you challenged yourself over two months to complete as many squares as you could to bingo. Eight of you completed 15 squares and received a free class, and ten of you made it all the way to 25 squares … woo hoo you guys smashed it!

Here are the winners … well done crew!

15 square winners

  1. Ainsley Wilkinson
  2. Kirstie Hall
  3. Kimberley Hall
  4. Maddy Davies
  5. Susan Williams
  6. Michael Visser
  7. Suzy Coassin
  8. Cherie Willingham

25 square winners

  1. Sarah Crowhurst
  2. Naomi Neale
  3. Nina Neubauer
  4. Kirstie Christensen
  5. Nadira Hassan
  6. Alexandra Boase
  7. Blythe Rowe (RISE UP winner!)
  8. Lyn Stanford
  9. Gabriella Short
  10. Sarah Emery

Brendan will be in touch with you shortly to get your gift bags to you. Also, if you are holding onto your Bingo cards at home and haven’t handed them in yet, please come and see us at the studio and we will ensure you get your prizes. Long Live You!