It’s not every day we get a poem from one of our Vivers. So to receive one recently from Steve McCloud, who’s a Vive regular and also an active road and trail runner, gave us a huge smile.

It prompted us to do a little Q & A with him, which you can read here, plus find his poetic words below!

Why did you choose Vive Active as part of your training regime? 

You were recommended by a friend and I thought it might be a better fit for me than working out in a gym.

Had you done reformer Pilates before coming to Vive Active?  

No but I had 2 years regular experience with mat pilates.

You’ve been doing Vive classes for over 6 months now. How do you feel? have you noticed any changes in your body? 

YES definitely…Overall stronger with improved balance, left right co-ordination, and flexibility. Vive is a great assistance to my athletic (running) practice and I think it’s an excellent choice for any level runner wanting to improve their running form and remain injury free.

Would you recommend Vive to others?

Yes! It’s good fun – great atmosphere and vibes, supportive and helpful trainers, varied workouts and the challenge to keep on improving … 

Will we continue to see you at Vive ?   

Yes lovin it!

Lastly, about that poem, which we love, what made you decide to pen it?

That’s a feeling thing – I’m appreciative to have found Vive and to be able to access the guidance from the trainers (it’s a great joy for me to express though my body!) – so just wanting to give back a bit and touch in with the Vive community a little more …

VIVE IN POETRY – a Christmas thank you poem by Steve McCloud


Time to get Vive Active
Better than a latte any day
Hip hop to it bust a move
Bend and extend my life away

Up an inch down an inch
Strap myself in
I know I want to!
Work those springs
And flex the groove
So let’s peel the spine
One vertebrae at a time

Mirror mirror on the wall…

Sarah makes me over
firm and peachy
Alexis builds me strong and lethal
Georgie has me rockin candy
Lauren finds me easy flowin
Yvette stetches out my sinews
While Ash holds me steady when I’m spinnin
And Holly she’s just got me going deeper in a quirky kinda way

…Who is the fairest of them all?

Better than a latte any day
Time to revive and
run the gauntlet
Hip hop to it bust a move
Bend and extend my life away

So jump on over
Take a class
Add your caffeine
Make it extra strength
With a touch of glamour

The best present from Santa 2018
Is Vive-lattes!