Hey Vivers! We’re absolutely stoked to announce a series of new evening wellness seminars to keep you guys optimised in every facet of your life.

We love that you’re smashing your total-body Vive workouts, but we also want to make sure you’re living your best life on every level, including by incorporating optimal nutrition, sleep, meditation, muscle release, the list goes on.

Our series kicked off with a June Wellness Launch Evening on 3 June hosted by Vive Co-Founder and Nutritionist, Louise Keats, who presented on gut health. She explained how we can all nourish our gut microbiome with prebiotics and probiotics including fermented foods and plenty of varied, coloured plant foods. She also emphasised the importance of whole foods over processed options and covered some of the key toxins and lifestyle factors that can contribute to weight issues and diminished immunity.

On 5 July, we were fortunate to have the expertise of remedial massage therapist Aldrick Ronquillo, who took our group through an intensive release workshop. Aldrick is an expert in helping people improve their range of motion and flexibility through the use of foam rollers, trigger balls, yoga blocks and their own hands. He taught us how to optimise mobility and eliminate pain by releasing trigger points (known as knots) in the muscles and working with our connective tissue (fascia). Thanks Aldrick!


Our next Vive After Dark event will take place on 13 August, 7.45pm at our Brookvale studio. We’re absolutely thrilled to have sought-after speaker and performance coach, Michael Duff, present on how to create a high-performance mind.

Michael Duff has spent the last 20 years teaching corporate Australia how to harness the power of their minds. He was promoted to his first CEO role at just 28 years of age when he was appointed to run the professional golf circuit.

By 33 he was running half the world for the men’s professional tennis circuit and this gave him a front row pass to the world of elite performance.

He has spent most of his professional career seeking to understand what influences the way people experience life and what they are ultimately able to achieve. He has studied for many years under Zen Master, Vernon Kitabu Turner and brings the simplicity of Zen to the western world in his own teachings.

He has been a mentor to many famous Australian’s including renowned comedian, author and artist Anh Do and 7 time world surfing champion Layne Beachley and in 2012 co-authored The Power Within with Australian tennis legend John Newcombe.

We look forward to releasing the remainder of our 2019 seminar program shortly – stay tuned on insta @viveactive for all the details.

To sign up, please express your interest using the following link. Limited spots available