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Get ready for the ultimate total-body group fitness workout. Since no two classes are the same, we keep your body guessing, making it impossible for you to hit a results plateau. We’re stronger together. It’s time to level up.



Our signature all-in-one class, VIVE TOTAL combines strength, endurance and stretch in a full-body conditioning workout for every level. Get ready to meet your best you with the ultimate group fitness experience. If you’re new to Vive, you might like to try a VIVE INTRO class first. For more experienced Vivers, be prepared to be pushed to your limits // 50 minutes.


If you’re new, VIVE INTRO is the primer you need. Our trainers will teach you how the reformer works and about all things Vive, so you can feel confident going into your next class. This is a free 20 minute instructional class, rather than a workout, so book the class following to put what you’ve learnt into practice // 20 minutes.


Flexibility and control are at the core of VIVE STRETCH. Drawing from pilates and yoga, our deep stretch poses will improve your mobility and flexibility out of sight. The bonus is that they also build strength, help prevent injury and reduce stress. For all levels, you’ll finish each class walking taller and feeling stronger and calmer // 50 minutes.


With 12 to 16 rounds at multiple stations, VIVE CIRCUIT is a fusion of strength, HIIT and stability training. Time to dig deep Vivers, because this class will dial up your calorie burn to the max. With 90 seconds at each station, get ready to work every muscle group and elevate your metabolism in this insanely fun, high-energy class (we suggest taking five VIVE TOTAL classes before progressing to CIRCUIT) // 50 minutes.


Two trainers, 12 to 16 rounds and multiple stations, VIVE SLAY is a circuit workout with double the trouble. If you thought one trainer was an experience, just wait to have your mind blown with two trainers working together to push you to your limits. A whole body, mind, spirit intervention that will shake you to your core and get you serious results (we suggest taking five VIVE TOTAL classes before progressing to SLAY) // 50 minutes.


50/50 split between the reformer and floor, get ready for our most challenging class, VIVE COMBAT. With 4 to 6 rounds, this bootcamp class uses heavier weights and tougher springs, so you’ll build new strength and rock a six pack sooner than you expected. A combo of strength training and HIIT, get ready to smash your muscle-building goals out of the park (we suggest taking five VIVE TOTAL classes before progressing to COMBAT) // 50 minutes.

Package Prices

If you’re looking for our most cost-effective option, it’s our VIVE REGULARS membership with the following options:

  • 1 CLASS PER WEEK: $29/week ($29/class)
  • 2 CLASSES PER WEEK: $49/week ($24.50/class)
  • 3 CLASSES PER WEEK: $69/week ($23/class – $15/class for top ups class*)
  • UNLIMITED PER WEEK: $88/week

Once you’ve made your choice, you can always buy a top up class at the same per class rate you’re already paying, so it’s easy to add another session to your week if you want one. For Vivers on 3 classes per week, the value gets even better, with $15 top up classes.

Our memberships are short – with just a 13-week term (that’s just 3 months). Plus, you can freeze your membership for a whole two weeks every term. That’s eight weeks of freezing a year.

New to Vive? Here are our once-only offers available especially to first timers.

  • FIRST SESSION: $20 (single class)
  • INTRO OFFER: $49 (1 Week of Unlimited Classes)
  • INTRODUCE A FRIEND TO VIVE: Want to bring a friend? Introduce a newbie to Vive via the Refer a Friend button in our app and if they sign up to a Vive Regulars membership or purchase a Casual Pack you’ll both get a $30 credit to your account!Best bit … there are no limits on how many friends you refer, so start sharing the love Vivers!

We’re all about flexibility, so if you’d prefer a pack over a membership, we’ve got you sorted.

  • 5 PACK: $149 ($29.80/class) 1 year expiry
  • 10 PACK: $279 ($27.90/class) 1 year expiry
  • 20 PACK: $499 ($24.96/class) 1 year expiry
  • SINGLE CLASS: $35 ($35/class) 30 day expiry

Like to work out every day? You can come as often as you like with our unlimited options.

  • 2 WEEK PASS $249 (unlimited classes)
  • 1 MONTH PASS $499 (unlimited classes)

Want some individual attention? We offer class exclusives and private training. We’ve even had whole classes booked for surprise parties (which we love as much as you do).

  • 1 ON 1 PRIVATE CLASS: $150
  • 2 ON 1 PRIVATE CLASS: $200

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