Everything you need to know about Vive Active Singapore.
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I’ve never done reformer pilates before, is that ok?
Absolutely. Our classes are newbie friendly and designed to allow everyone to work out at their own pace. We recommend starting with a Vive Total class (see more info below).

I’m new to Reformer Pilates, is there anything I need to do before my first class?

We can’t wait to welcome you to the studio. Here’s what you should know before your first session:

  1. Watch our Introduction Video: We highly recommend all new clients to view our comprehensive introduction video before attending your first Reformer Pilates class. You can access this video here.
  2. Studio Arrival: Please arrive AT LEAST 20 minutes before your first session and inform us that it’s your inaugural visit. Our team will gladly give you a warm welcome, show you around, and address any queries or concerns you may have. We are here to ensure you feel supported and at ease, guiding you every step of the way on your fitness journey!

What if I can’t do everything in class? I haven’t worked out in ages.
No problem! Our trainers offer options for a lot of what we do in class, so you can dial the workout down or up as needed.

Is there a beginner class?
The best classes for beginners are our TOTAL and STRETCH classes. Once you feel comfortable in those classes, try a CIRCUIT and, as you get more experienced, level up to a FUSION class.

Which Vive Active class should I do?
Each of our classes has a different focus, from stretch to strength to cardio, with all combining some elements of each. Try them all to find your fave, but ideally incorporate a couple of different class types into your week. Plus, our trainers all create their own unique flows each sesh, meaning every Vive Active workout you do will be different. Since no two classes are the same, we keep your body guessing, making it nearly impossible to hit a results plateau, and even less likely for you to get bored.

How old do you have to be to take a class?
You need to be 16 or over to take a Vive Active class.

Can I do a class if I’m pregnant or returning to exercise post-partum?
Pregnant members MUST let our front desk staff and trainer know about their pregnancy, including due date, before attending any classes. You can participate in classes up to 12 weeks into your pregnancy. New clients are not accepted after this point. If you are a regular attendee (coming to classes regularly for more than 6 months) and wish to continue beyond this point, we do not recommend attending classes without chatting with our staff and organising a private session with one of our trainers. Returning or new post-partum clients must provide a medical certificate showing clearance from their medical provider. We do not recommend attending classes prior to 6 weeks post-partum.

Do you offer corporate events or private group classes?
Yup, we offer exclusive group bookings. We’ve even had whole classes booked for surprise parties (which we love as much as you do). To find out more, drop us a line via the Contact Us page.

Where are you located?
Singapore: Tanglin Mall (View map)

Do you have lockers?
Absolutely. We have secure lockers by reception and open lockers in the studio.

Do I need to bring my own pilates socks?
Pilates socks are compulsory for all classes. Vive Active Pilates socks can be purchased at our front desk, but if you already have a pair, bring them along. Just make sure they have a grippy sole so you don’t slip on the reformer.

Do you have water or should I bring my own?
We have filtered water inside the studio. Bring your own bottle to fill up. Alternatively you can purchase bottled water for $2.

Do you have change rooms and showers?
Yes, we have 6 showers!

What do you supply?
Our change rooms and showers are equipped with towels, toiletries and hair dryers.

How do I book a class?
You can book classes through our app up to 10 days in advance. Drop-ins are subject to availability. We strongly recommend booking in advance so you don’t miss out. Payments can be made either through the app (highly recommended) or website.

How does the waitlist work?
Effective 1st October 2023, if you are first on the waitlist you will be automatically added into the class once a spot becomes available. You will receive an email or app notification when this happens. If you have further questions please reach out to the studio directly.

What do I wear?

Something comfy that won’t restrict your range of motion. A t-shirt or singlet, with shorts or leggings. You’ll also need some Pilates socks which you can buy at reception (or bring your own).

When should I arrive?
If it’s your first class, you must arrive 10 minutes early so you have a chance to get familiar with all things Vive Active. Our trainers will be around to welcome and guide you through a few things in the lead up to class. If you’re a regular, arrive early enough to store your personal belongings or get changed. We start bang on time.

What do I do when I get there?
If it’s your first class, say hello to whoever is at the front desk and mention you’re new. They’ll get you taken care of.

What if I’m running late?
We’re all about a mind-blowing, immersive experience. To be respectful of everyone, and for your safety, there will strictly be no entry five minutes after the class has started.

Something came up. Can I cancel?
If you need to cancel class, please do so at least 8 hours before your class to give someone else the chance to take your spot. If you cancel after that time, you will lose your class credit in addition to a $10 late cancellation charge. If you fail to show for class, you will lose your class credit and incur a $20 no show fee.

How long until I feel like a pro?
If you feel a bit lost during your first class, you’re not alone. Our members tell us that it’s often not until their fourth class that they have their eureka moment and it all starts to click. So hang in there. You got this.

How can I let the world know I’m part of the Vive Active community?
Doing it for the gram is one of the many reasons our members love Vive Active. Get a selfie in the studio or a post-class group shot and tag us @viveactive_tanglin. We’re so damn proud of you too!