How many times a week should I do Pilates?

How many times a week should I do Pilates?

If you’ve just started pilates or have been going for a while but really want to nail your routine you may be wondering how many times a week you should be doing pilates. The answer to this question really depends on you and your goals. What results are you looking to achieve with pilates and what other forms of exercise are you doing? Beyond that, how does your lifestyle fit in with your pilates schedule?



Define your goals

The short answer to how many times a week you should be doing is generally a minimum of three classes a week to start seeing results fairly quickly, namely improved strength, flexibility and mobility, you may also start to notice changes to your body. This is of course the short answer and that’s not to say that doing anything less than 3 times a week is pointless.


This answer will also change depending on your goals. If you’re simply looking to maintain some movement or maybe improve your mobility and flexibility without much of a focus on strength or weight loss then 1-2 classes a week may be all you need or want. If you’re looking to build lean muscle and stay fit and active then 3 classes a week will likely yield the results you’re looking for. If you do no other forms of exercise and want to build strength then 4-5 classes a week may be ideal for you. People who do other forms of exercise throughout the week may enjoy partaking in 1-2 pilates classes a week to supplement their current exercise routine.



Get Rest

It may seem counterintuitive to some but rest days throughout the week are essential with any exercise routine. This gives your body time to recover and rebuild, and allows you to resume any workouts with renewed vigour. It also helps mitigate the risk of injury. We recommend incorporating at least 1 stretch class a week into your routine to give your body ample opportunity to relieve your joints and muscles. 



Focus on quality

Any form of exercise and movement is beneficial, but if you want to start seeing results from your pilates classes then focus on the quality of your workout. Are you moving up to intermediate strings and challenging yourself? Are you trying a variety of different classes? By focusing on the quality of your workout, you can ensure that you’re reaching your goals and consistently pushing your body to new heights regardless of the number of workouts you do a week. 



Consider your lifestyle

When you set out to perfect your exercise routine it’s best to ensure you’re realistically considering your lifestyle. Starting out too strong and realising you’re unable to maintain what you thought you could can be discouraging. At ViveActive, we have a variety of membership and package options to suit individual needs and are happy to take you through what we consider to be the best option given your goals and lifestyle. Simply send us an email or give us a call and we can take you through our options and help you decide what’s best for you.



– Written by: Jana Lepojevic