At Vive, we believe if you turn up smiling, work your butt off and go above-and-beyond with your training effort, you deserve to be rewarded.

Each month we’ll be choosing one member from our #vivefam as Member of the Month and rewarding them with a massage and two free classes.


This month the winner goes to one of our most dedicated male members – Matt Logue. Matt is a Sports Journalist and Author and is such a dedicated Viver, he has just joined our Club 250. Congrats Matt!

We caught up with Matt for a quick Q&A. Here’s what he had to say.

What brought you to Vive?

Matt Logue: My Wife. Seriously, for a good five months I’d play pick-up games of basketball at the local court in Manly Vale every week while she went to Reformer Pilates. She kept bugging me about how good Vive is and that I’d really enjoy it. So one Sunday, kicking and screaming, I went along with Sami. It only took a few minutes for my frustration at my wife to subside before I was hooked.

The full body workout, the challenge and the community feeling had me thinking, ‘why the hell did I put this off for five months?’ I LOVE VIVE.

How many times a week do you Vive?

Matt Logue: I’m addicted. Seven days a week.

What results have you seen since coming to Vive?

Matt Logue: I’m stronger, fitter and happier!

What advice would you give to other males looking to try out Vive?

Matt Logue: Have a go, you won’t regret it. I haven’t trained this hard since my junior rugby league days.

Congrats on your new book – tell us about it.

Matt Logue: It’s called Hoop Dreams Down Under and it documents the behind-the-scenes stories of the 20 Australian men and women who have played on basketball’s greatest stage in the NBA and WNBA.

From surprise success stories like Matthew Dellavedova to No.1 Draft picks Andrew Bogut and Ben Simmons, there are countless compelling narratives to tell from over the decades.

If you love your basketball or sport in general, you’ll love this book.