Get to Know Vive Trainer: Drew

Get to Know Vive Trainer: Drew

We love our trainers, so we sat down with Drew to ask about all things pilates, everyday routines and of course his go-to coffee order.


What can someone expect from your style of classes?

I like to flow my classes until we reach the halfway point! At that point, you will have time to grab a quick drink of water and be ready to repeat the process. I love high-energy classes with the element of hit and endurance. Allowing your body to feel the pump with lots of transitions that flow coherently in that 50 minutes, expect minimal spring changes as I curate a class/flow that maximises each spring setting to a range of body parts.



What made you want to get into the field of reformer pilates & teaching?

I initially found Vive Active as a client, I originally started Vive to really help me through some mental health issues. These original times at Vive were so uplifting and empowering I felt a huge sense of community and support from all the trainers and staff. The amazing team really helped me through a time that I thought I would never be able to get out of, I initially thought about getting my qualification and thought what was the harm? The Vive team loved this and took me on as front of house during my studies and the rest is history now!



What does a typical day in the week look like for you?

I teach every Saturday morning in Neutral Bay and love the energy of these sessions! After my classes I like to do something active, I use ‘active’ as such a broad word though, I use this as an opportunity to listen to what my body needs. It can be as simple as going for a walk, swim or a full total workout. After this I use this to catch up with the house admin, I love my Saturday house clean (I know this sounds crazy) I find nothing more satisfying than having a clean and organised home. I also like to do something social, this could be a relaxed pub dinner with my partner and dog or a silly night out with friends. I think balance is something that is so important!



Your top tips on staying motivated?

Motivation is one of the hardest things! Something I do is ensure I set realistic goals, start small and slowly build myself up, plus I give myself a steady balance of pleasure and play. I stay motivated by setting weekly goals and rewards. These goals can be simple and achievable. I also love timers, if I’m doing something that I may not enjoy I use my timer to give myself a frame of when this needs to be finished. An example would be folding the washing, I may love an organised house but my biggest pet peeve is folding washing so I will set a 30-minute timer and I must have all washing done and put away before the time is done. I think this method can be adapted for any aspect of staying motivated.



Your Go-To:

  • Coffee order? My current coffee order is a long black with a dash of skim milk. However, I have a huge sweet tooth so sometimes I’ll do a soy latte with one sugar.
  • Holiday destination? This is a tricky one, I find a city destination is always fun. I love exploring buildings and love architecture. I actually studied Interior design and architecture so find I am naturally drawn to beautiful designs.
  • Song to workout to? I honestly can’t choose just one song to work out to!! My favourite song changes each week.
  • Favourite time to workout? Definitely an AM workout.