Get to Know Vive Trainer: Elle

Get to Know Vive Trainer: Elle

Elle is one of Vive’s lead trainers and for good reason! Whether it be in the studio for Vive Active or online for Vive Stream, Elle’s workout always pack a punch. Discover more about her fitness philosophy and routine below.


Why is prioritising a healthy lifestyle important to you?

Prioritising a healthy lifestyle has been a part of who I am for as long as I can remember really. I’ve always had an active lifestyle. I love moving my body and challenging myself physically whether that has been playing sports through school, hiking on holidays, or exercising. I love being pushed and am a sucker for an endorphin hit.


I really notice the difference in how I feel both physically and mentally when I nourish my body. Over the years I’ve learnt that nourishing my body doesn’t mean limiting what I eat – it’s about what I eat. At times I can have a really physically demanding job and some days it may require four hours of exercise so that also requires a lot of food to support that. Making sure I eat enough protein, complex carbs and plenty of veggies is something that helps prevents me from getting burnt out.


When I feel healthy it allows me to show up as the best version of myself and I want to show up as that person for the people I love, for my amazing clients and for myself.



What made you want to get into the field of reformer pilates & teaching?

I was already working in the fitness industry when I did my first reformer class, and I was automatically hooked. I loved the burn, I loved the way it challenged me, I loved variety, I felt muscles work like I never had before, I felt as though I was getting injured less and it was a no brainer that it was the next thing that I wanted to train in. It was what made me step from fitness being by part-time job to my full-time career.



What does your dream Reformer class include?

It would probably be a 90 minute session to include everything I love in it, but I’d want a combination of some good old faithful exercises that I know are going to buuuuurn (think a big set of side lying glutes into an epic lunge set with lots of layers), and element of something a little creative and was going to challenge what I could do on a reformer, an oblique focused plank series because I always love obliques and I love ab jumping with the ball so that would add an element of fun. The main thing is I like to be in exercises for a decent amount of time so I am well and truly in a burn and shake kind of zone.



What piece of advice would you give to someone new to Pilates?

Try at least three classes – if you’re brand new to pilates you may feel a little overwhelmed in the first class with the reformer, lights and music! By the second – things might feel a little more familiar and you start to feel things how you want to, by the third you are hooked 😉



Your Go-To:

  • Coffee order? I’m not much of a coffee drink usually – so a skim chai latte is my go-to, but if I’ve had a rough night with Artie and need the caffeine hit it’s a dirty skim chai.
  • Holiday destination? Previously I would have said Italy, but currently, I don’t think I could picture getting on a flight to Europe with my 18 month old so for now I am keen to go on a trip to Tasmania for some beautiful hikes and winery tours.
  • Song to workout to? Music is everything in a workout to me and it can change depending on my mood and the kind of workout I’m doing. I love a good remix of something old school, electro, hip hop I love it all. Some current faves are Jungle by Fred Again, Hey Mamama Tritonal Trap Remix and When I Get There by Big Wild.
  • Favourite time to workout? I’m an early bird – 6am is where it’s at.