Get to Know Vive Trainer: Yvette

Get to Know Vive Trainer: Yvette

We sat down with Vive trainer Yvette, to chat all things pilates, everyday routines and of course her go-to coffee order.


What can someone expect from your style of classes?

A fun & sweaty full body workout with a bangin playlist.



What made you want to get into the field of reformer pilates & teaching?

I came from a background in classical ballet and dance growing up. I then went on to complete a bachelor degree in the creative arts. Alongside this I also became a personal personal trainer and continued to explore everything from teaching group fitness classes in dance, body sculpting, RPM, weights and Mat Pilates. Reformer was a natural progression once I became a Pilates instructor and with it I fell in love with athletic reformer Pilates. This is me all over. I love the ability to apply and fuse everything I have learnt and incorporate it all in the best possible way. This being a Vive reformer workout.



What does a typical day in the week look like for you?

A typical day could be either teaching from dawn till lunch time and other days I drop my daughter off at school, grab a coffee, go for a beach walk or dive in the ocean, get to the studio, do a Vive class, some admin in the office and then teach a couple of evening classes.



Your top tips on staying motivated?

Set achievable goals. I always look at Monday to Friday as the working week. Let’s eat well, workout, be in a good, healthy routine and then weekends are to relax, treat yourself, indulge or go out, or socialise with friends depending on the mood. Find a healthy lifestyle you can sustain consistently.



Your Go-To:

  • Coffee order? small strong almond latte
  • Holiday destination? I am a beach holiday gal! Give me and island, the tropics or the Mediterranean Sea ANY day.
  • Song to workout to? Ahhh there’s just too many to choose from. I LOVE making playlists, it’s one of my FAVOURITE parts of class planning and I take it very seriously. Anything from epic beats & bass drops to old school remixes, R&B, reggaeton and more.
  • AM or PM workout? Mid morning is my favourite post caffeine hit