Huge congrats to our September member of the month, Lisa Lester, who recently entered who first triathlon and won a silver! We sat down for a Q&A with Lisa. Here’s what she had to say.
Why did you first decide to try Vive?
I ran into my lovely friend, Kristie Taylor, just after Vive had opened. Kristie was enjoying it so gave me a free class pass.
We used to go to the same group training classes so it was nice to find something else we could enjoy together – with a coffee and natter afterwards 🙂
How many times per week do you Vive?
When the challenge is on I try to go 6-7 times a week. My ‘normal’ Vive week would be 3 classes. If money was no issue, 4-5 times a week would be perfect.
What results have you seen since coming to Vive?
I feel stronger, which I expected but, I didn’t realise just how much ‘easier’ it has made other exercise. I entered my first triathlon last November – silver medal in case you were wondering – and I found the training less painful than I thought it would be and I truly believe, Vive was the main reason.
What advice would you give to someone looking to try out Vive for the first time?
Just do it. I would also suggest doing one of the busier classes. Sounds silly but, you will be part of the crowd and all the trainers look out for the newbies – big or small class. I, personally, love the full classes – as long as I get my fave bed.
What’s your favourite thing about being part of the #vivefam?
Being in the older age bracket, I was a little intimidated by how gorgeous and young the trainers were. But, I quickly found out how all-round gorgeous they are. Love them.
Walking in with a ‘Hi Lisa’ every time makes my day. They push me and they laugh at my jokes – perfect!
I had to give up work a few years ago to care for my two kids. I enjoyed working so it was tough. Finding somewhere like Vive has given me a place to ‘escape’ to – it’s mine.