Get to Know Vive Trainer: Edwina

Get to Know Vive Trainer: Edwina

If you haven’t done a class yet with Edwina, you’re missing out! We sat down to chat about all things pilates, Vive and her motivations.


What is your favourite thing about Reformer Pilates?

The full body workout you get and the strength you gain in not only the body but the mind. You will never get bored of reformer pilates because the creativity is endless using the machine.



What can someone expect from your style of classes?

A high energy, sweaty class. A class that will challenge you, with the hopes to push you outside of your comfort zone.



How do you incorporate fitness and well-being into your daily routine?

I schedule time within my diary and make time for myself. I like to change up my workouts to keep my mind and body challenged which also sparks creativity for class planning. I am really enjoying finishing off a busy day with a sauna and ice bath.



Your top tips on staying motivated?

Be organised with your time. Set realistic goals for you and no one else (big or small). Don’t compare yourself to others. Find what works for you. Be kind to yourself. Celebrate the wins when working out (big or small) as they will become a driving force to keep going and level up on your journey.



Your Go-To:

  • Coffee order? Long black with a dash of almond milk – depending on the day… maybe a dash of honey!
  • Holiday destination? Bali.
  • Song to workout to? El Sueno – Dennis Cruz.
  • Favourite time to workout? With a busy schedule in the morning and evening, my workout time usually falls in the middle of the day in between classes.