Get to Know Vive Trainer: Holly

Get to Know Vive Trainer: Holly

You can find Holly at our Double Bay studio teaching a hell of a class. We caught up with her and got to know what she loves about pilates and how she keeps a consistent, healthy routine.


What is your favourite thing about Reformer Pilates?

I love the difference in exercises and the variety of muscles being used throughout the workout. Reformer is an amazing way to not only strengthen the muscles but also tone as well.



What props do you love to use the most in a reformer class?

The pilates ball! It is such a versatile prop and can really amp up the burn during a flow.



How do you stay consistent with a healthy routine?

My calendar… booking into classes at the beginning of the week helps me to keep myself accountable. Once the class is booked, I know I will attend so it’s a great motivational tool, especially towards the end of the week.



What can we expect to find in your gym bag?

A sweat towel – always!



Your Go-To:

  • Coffee order? I don’t drink coffee!
  • Holiday destination? Noosa.
  • Song to workout to? Anything Beyonce.
  • Favourite time to workout? I’m a morning person and love training ridiculously early at 5am!



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